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My name is Carrie Muchaw.  I began my yoga journey in 2002.  Yoga was introduced to me in the fitness industry.  At that time I had no idea about Raja  (meditation) yoga. I only understood the Hatha (physical) part of yoga.

In 2005, I experienced a tragedy that almost took my life.  As part of my recovery, I began practicing yoga at the Katy YMCA where I was introduced to an empowering yoga.  My teacher, Rhonda Robinson, began taking me to workshops with  Robert Boustany, Doug Swensen, David Swensen, Bryan Kest, and other yoga leaders.

Suddenly, I found the Raja Yoga!  And once I put the two pieces together, the Raja Yoga and the Hatha Yoga—the healing began!

Overwhelmed with the joy I had found in yoga, I continued my training and received my E-RYT certification through the National Yoga Alliance.

I have spent many years teaching in many different facilities.  I have had the joy of working with individuals and groups.  I have been able to watch people grow, learn, and heal.  However, I noticed that there was not any yoga being offered in the Brazos area.  I encountered many people through my sons’ sports, school, and other activities that inquired about yoga.  However, I did not have a place to offer my own classes.

In the Spring of 2010 I began giving private instruction to Rhea Kocian, owner of a local gift shop. Rhea was so excited about how yoga helped her mentally and physically that she wanted to “pass it on”. So, in the Summer of 2010 we decided the best way for us to “pass it on” was to open Yoga on the Brazos in the back of Rhea’s gift shop. And our mantra was born…

Yoga heals…pass it on!!!

In June of 2011 we have moved into a 2 story house allowing us to have 2 classrooms for yoga instruction, a gathering room, upstairs for therapeutic massage, and a beautiful backyard for meditation and special events.  Come and see this new beautiful healing environment we are creating!