Training of the Yogi: In-Depth Studies ….. WEEKEND format!!! ****Esoteric Yoga*****

Looking for change?  YOTB  In-Depth Studies is for YOU!  This course is an opportunity to transform your life! Whether you want to deepen your personal yoga practice or become a yoga teacher, our course will take you on a journey of self-discovery. Join Carrie Muchaw for this comprehensive 200 hour yoga course achieving physical and mental well-being. In Carrie’s unique Esoteric Yoga practice she has developed a system of  asana sequencing aimed at cleansing the energetic and physical body while nurturing the soul. She does this by addressing the energetic systems and the chakras. Using many of the things hatha yoga and ayurveda have established in history and infused with bio-field therapy. At Yoga on the Brazos we believe “yoga heals” and we strive to “…pass it on”!

Course dates: 4 weekends Fridays: 5:30-8:30pm

  • September 21
  • September 28
  • October 26
  • November 9

Weekends: Saturday-Sunday, 8am-7pm

  • September 22-23
  • September 29-30
  • October 27-28
  • November 10-11
  • December 1- 2

Topics covered in this course:

        • Energy Hygiene-working on your Energy body
        • Working with Meridians in asana
        • History, Philosophy & Lifestyle: applying yoga to your life
        • Anatomy
        • Applied Kinesiology
        • Pranayama & Meditation
        • Energy Work: Setting Your Space & understanding energy in classroom
        • Teaching to Special population
        • Technique for Teaching and Practice
        • Planning & Sequencing Classes
        • Yoga-preneur: the business of yoga

If you wish to become a teacher (and register with the Yoga Alliance),  additional hours of the following will be required: reading and homework assignments, regular yoga practice, attending elective workshops of choice (pay as you go), and a teaching internship at the studio. 100% commitment is required and attendance at all sessions is required. Course Fees $500 deposit required!  $2900 *textbooks must be purchased separately by student Payment options: Paid in full-$2900 Installment Plan: contact to discuss If you would like more information or would like to receive an application please fill out the form below or call our studio at 713-775-9116