Laurey Boenig

  Yoga has been a gift for me. It has helped me to regain the ability to breathe deeply which was something that I took for granted until I was 19 years old. While I was in college playing competitive tennis and running long distances, I developed exercise induced asthma.  Although, medication kept it under control, I was never truly able to improve my breathing until I began taking yoga classes many years later. Through my yoga practice, I have regained the ability to breathe deeply, and with that I gained a deep appreciation and understanding of the healing benefits of yoga.  In addition to healing my lungs, my body has increased in strength and flexibility.

Now that I am 50, I truly appreciate the relief from the everyday aches and pains that yoga provides. These are the gifts that I wish to impart to my students when I teach yoga. I truly believe that everyone can benefit from doing yoga!  My background has provided me with the many skills necessary to be able to teach people of varying ability levels in ways that will assist them to gain knowledge and to achieve success. While in college, I studied sports medicine. From this, I learned the mechanics of the body and how to care for bones, joints and muscles. 


As a high school teacher, I learned the value of modifying my lesson plans to assist my students in their learning process so that they could overcome their physical and learning challenges to be successful. In addition to teaching high school, I have taught fitness classes since 1998. I have taught a variety of classes as well as a wide range of students with varying abilities.  My passion is to help All of my students to reach their greatest potential regardless of their age, or physical limitations. Yoga provides me the opportunity to share the gift that comes with joining the mind, body and spirit together with the breath to bring about emotional calm while helping to gain energy, strength, flexibility, and balance.

LaShell Carter

I was introduced to yoga in 2011. After my first class, I felt something in my heart that
I can not put into words. As I continued to practice, I knew this was something I wanted to have a deeper understanding about and possibly one day share with others.
I attended Teacher Training in August 2011 with Sacred Art Yoga.


Yoga is an amazing physical practice but it goes way beyond that for me and so many others. Practicing yoga has taught me to be patient with myself and others, it’s taught me to be present, it’s taught me to breathe! Every day we are inhaling and exhaling but since it’s an automatic function, it’s done without intention. Yoga has taught me to take the time to breathe, to go inward, to live on purpose…with intention. As a Holistic Health Coach, I love teaching classes that focus on the entire body: mind, body and spirit. I encourage you to feel into your body, create ease in the mind and soothe the spirit with each breath. It is my joy to share my heart and my practice with you.

Patricia Davila 

  I received teacher training in 2011, in Houston, Texas. I have studied yoga since 2004 with numerous teachers in the Houston area and now in Fort Bend County. While in Houston, Texas, I gave classes at Neighborhood Centers, The Harris County Criminal Justice Center and Busibodies Academy. I completed an additional teacher training program under the guidance of Carrie Muchaw at YOTB, with the focus on and moving energy through our bodies. It has been enlightening and Carrie has been a wonderful teacher, sharing her knowledge with such love. Her studio offers a location of peaceful harmony, healing and non-judgement, resulting in my yoga family and home.


I began a new class at Yoga on the Brazos, in January 2018 called Mindful Movement it is on Wednesday at 7:15 pm. Finding inner peace in a chaotic world is something that I hold true to and hope to share with each student. Moving yoga from my mat and into my everyday life continues to be a work in progress like life itself. I practice and live what I teach and hope to share this passion with others.

Jaycie Curry

  My Yoga adventure began in 2001 as a physical exercise and a change from movements that were hard on my joints. As I worked my way through and into every Yoga pose available, I soon realized that it is much more than physical exercise. My mind began to calm, stresses and anxiety fell away. My Yoga practice soon became my solace, healing me inside and out. I now teach and practice almost everyday and feel a beautiful balance in Life. Every teaching opportunity brings insight and joy to my day. In my class students are encouraged to listen to their own body and discover what works for their

individual needs.


Deidre Doggett

  I have been practicing yoga on my own for over ten years and have always been drawn to the way yoga made me feel physically. But the more I practice, the more I realize that the benefits of yoga go far beyond the physical body. As my practice continues to deepen, so does my spirituality. I look forward to every time I step onto my mat, to breathe, to move, and to find balance. I am also a Physical Therapist and have always been fascinated with anatomy and movement. So much of my job involves teaching which is why I love being a yoga instructor. Whether I am instructing patients, students, friends, or family I love seeing people find joy in moving better, feeling better, and healing in some way. My yoga goes with me everywhere and everyone can benefit from it!


Jess Geevarghese

  Jess believes we are all teachers. When one person learns, we all learn. When one person grows, the universe grows. Yoga has been deeply transformative for her, physically and emotionally, and is thrilled to share her knowledge and learn from her students. She trained at ISHTA Yoga in NYC where she completed the 200-hour teacher training, the advanced 300-hour certification and restorative certification.
She has also trained privately with master teachers in meditation and reiki.
Jess is grateful for the extraordinary teachers in her life who continually remind her that every moment is a moment of potential transformation. Jess recently moved from New York City. In addition to her RYT-500, Jess holds an MSW and MBA from Washington University in St. Louis.


Wilma van Oostendorp

   Wilma van Oostendorp was born and raised in the Netherlands. She graduated with a degree in cosmetology and taught cosmetology at several institutes as well as working with dermatologists when she met her husband Dirk in Zwolle, her hometown, and started a family. With two little girls they made the move to England, followed two years later by the move to Katy, Texas with two girls and a little boy. The family expanded with another girl and boy and have been living in Katy for over 20 years.

   Although most of Wilma’s time was spent at the schools as room mom and PTA board member when the children were enrolled in KISD, there was always time for exercise, whether this was Aerobics, the gym, Yoga (through DVDs at home) or running.

   In November 2017, Wilma was introduced to Yoga. It quickly became important to take classes everyday and find not only the physical side of Yoga practice, but also the spiritual elements. All this prompted her to start her teacher training, attend many workshops.Being given the opportunity to teach the Yoga Strengthening and Conditioning class is exciting. I can take elements from all different fitness routines and exercises and combine them in a fun, active, invigorating and strengthening, yet yoga-based workout.

    practiced yoga casually over the past 10 years, but in January 2018 I decided to dedicate my time to learning more of what yoga has to offer. The Yoga Teacher Training that Carrie offers was the perfect opportunity for that. I have seen the physical strengths gained through my practice, but what I find most important is the emotional growth that yoga has provided for me. I have learned how to handle daily obstacles with calm and ease. I have grown spiritually through those moments of meditation. Fitness has always been a passion of mine, and by incorporating more yoga into my routine. I feel I am able to offer clients so much more now. Whatever your reason is for stepping on your mat, I encourage everyone to explore the benefits that yoga has to offer.


Ashley Schmidt

   Yoga has not saved me. It has taught me how to save myself. In December 2010, I suffered the loss of my first baby. As a coping mechanism, I began to exercise regularly, but at that time, my goal was to control my body because I felt that it had betrayed me. Though my newfound fitness did help me become stronger physically, it did nothing for the emotional and mental wounds I’d suffered. Mental and emotional patterns rose to the surface, and anxiety and depression prevented me from being able to ignore the destructive internal dialogue I was constantly feeding myself. I would not say that the miscarriage, and period of fertility treatment that followed, was a blessing in disguise, but I would say that it was a catalyst, like most traumas and tragedies in our life, that helped me begin to heal myself and move closer to the Divine.

   It was during that time that I began to really delve into the spiritual symbolism of events that occur in our lives and finding a positive purpose in trauma, tragedy, and grief. Finally, I found yoga. Yoga connected my physical need for movement to my spiritual search for meaning. It helped me to slow down, breathe, focus and most of all be gentle with myself. I began to learn to honor my body, nourish it, and give gratitude for the things it could do for me without judgement or expectation.
   What I hope to bring my students is a sense of their innate worth and of the unceasing, unconditional love that flows to them. I hope to help them tap into that worthiness and love so that not only can they heal from any hardship life has brought them, but also so that they can begin to see hardships as gifts that can lead us, if we so choose, to our highest divine potential.

Sylvia Valerio

  Sylvia Valerio (spiritual name “Charan”) wears many hats – from IT Professional to wife, mother and grandmother. But her passion is Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. After many years of searching for self-healing, by practicing various forms of yoga, meditation and energy-related healing modalities, she found the technology of Kundalini Yoga is what works for her. Sylvia’s mission is to help others find what she found – deep healing on all levels, stress reduction, peace, and a better quality of life. Having begun her own yoga practice later in life, she feels that yoga can be practiced at any age and flexibility level and wants to share the many benefits with others. Her specialty is gentle yoga with inspiring music, meditation and relaxation using the healing sounds of the gong and crystal bowls. She received her 200-hour certification through the Kundalini Research Institute and Yoga Alliance and was honored with the 2014 International Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Association Recognition Award.


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